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Working from home vs Working from Office the Complete picture

The world has gone under a drastic revolution. Due to the pandemic, most people are restricted to stay at home, due to which the businesses now have to run their operations online. This shift has been so quick that no one had any choice but to learn to adapt, and we still are learning. 

While working from home has been beneficial for many industries. There have been technological advances that allow people to communicate with their team smoothly over geographical boundaries. This working style we all have been trying to adapt to. Find the Most Accurate coworking space in south Delhi for your needs. 

To understand this in more details let’s compare working from home vs working from the office.

Dress Code

According to a study, almost any company that enforces a dress code is perceived negatively by 61% of people looking for jobs, still, we have to dress to impress. Typically this means when you are working with a firm you cannot come in ripped jeans and loose t-shirts. There is a protocol for wearing clothes and you have to adhere to that.

Working from home means sitting in your comfortable clothes on the rug all day long while working.


Communing affects job satisfaction score. Millions of people daily travel hours just to get to their job. The research says that 20 minutes of extra commute feels like a 19% pay cut to most employers in long run. 

Working from home means no commuting back and forth for work. You do not have to waste any time in traffic jams. Get Attractive office space for rent in Delhi

Accounting Others

When working from the office giving time to your family becomes a little difficult. You have to try to fit at least two roles in your daily schedule that must be completely different from each other. 

Working from home is. The benefit is you can take care of others. However, if unmanaged this can too become a problem and can get mixed up with work causing problems. 


Working from the office means you have to finish your work in the given time after which you are free to go. You are expected to deliver the highest alertness at that time. 

 When working from home you do have a little flexibility to wake up and do your chores. However if not managed you can end up working the whole day. 

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.