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Selling Your CNC Machine Center

Machines are an indispensable asset for any organization. The up-gradation in technology or change in business operations might suggest that it’s time to part ways with your fixed asset. When selling your CNC machine center, you must keep certain things in mind. Selling your machinery depends upon various factors.

Following points can be taken care of before putting CNC machining center for sale (ขาย เครื่อง CNC machining center, which is the term in Thai):

  1. Clean The Machine

Huge differences have been seen in the prices of machines that are dealt with, with proper care, and those left in dilapidated conditions. Pay attention to the parts that are wearing off. Employ engineers for proper greasing and service of the machine. Replace the parts that are rusted or out of place. 

  1. Hire An Agent

Putting up a CNC machining center for sale involves many tasks that can be cumbersome for most businesses. Documentations, formalities, paperwork, putting up the machine for sale, contacting the clients, follow up, etc. Hiring an agent will eradicate all these problems. The agents study the market to provide the best price for your machine. 

  1. Give A Correct Description

Remember that the first impression is the last! Besides taking the best shot of your CNC machine for putting it up on the website for sale, remember to describe its features properly. If the machinery is second-hand, then disclose all the facts related to its use. Give pellucid description in a precise manner. Don’t over-exceed the description, making it a long message. 

  1. Provide Contact Details

Provide a working and professional email, phone number for the customers. Ensure that your phone is not switched off during working hours as it hinders the selling process, and the customer might lose interest. 

  1. Conduct A Trial Run

Before putting up your CNC machine for sale, conduct a trial to ensure its proper functionality. The customer might allege the damages after the purchase. So the seller must make sure about the condition of the machine to avoid any discrepancies later on. 


Selling a fixed asset is as crucial as buying an asset. To ensure the best value for your CNC machine center, research the market and listings. Keep the inflationary trends and depreciation laws in mind. Hire experts to find the correct value of your machine.

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.