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A Guide on How Does a Pearl Acquires Its Color

Whenever we buy pearls, we see its color first. These unique pearls come in a rainbow of colors like white, black, blue and violet. The color of the pearl is the combination of pearl body color and its overtones.

There are two groups of body color: warm and cool hues. Cool hues range from red and purple color to yellow and green and warm hues are from a purple and red color to greenish yellow color. The color which you see overlying on top of pearl is called an overtone.

The pearl jewelry comes in various colors and designs which are suitable for any kind of occasion from formal to casual. The pearls come in a multitude of colors from pure white to black. The can be visited to have a look at multicolored pearl jewelry which can be matched with your costume for an event or a function.

What Is Pearl Body Color and Overtones?

The main color of the pearl is its body color. A pearl gets its natural color due to various reasons. It depends on the kind of mollusk which produces the actual pearl, along with water conditions and the type of nucleus which is put inside to produce the pearl.

The body color can be white, silver, green, blue or black. The overtones are the transparent shades visible on top of the pearl. For e.g. a pearl with white body color may have rose overtones. In some pearls there are no overtones.

  • Pearl Orient

It refers to the illuminating colors that move and shine whenever a pearl is rotated. It adds value to the pearl.

  • Synthetically Colored Pearls

Some pearls are colored artificially and this process is applied with Freshwater, Akoya and Tahitian pearls. These are colored by dying and irradiation process. These pearls can be identified by the qualified professionals whether these are naturally colored or not.


It is highly evident that the color of the pearl imparts a good appearance to the pearls. As there are various color options available in pearls, it is possible to make elegant piece of jewelry with these pearls. These form an excellent combination with any kind of outfit.

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