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translation involves transferring, conveying, moving or linking of one word or phrase with another. Hence it can be said that translation is the transfer of one form of message in one language to another. The message has the power to proceed over the action of being transferred invariantly. Questions such as if the process are such as is the process that mine able auto personal and what is the status of the language which is being translated in comparison to the language it is getting translated to. such questions make it harder to understand translation but allows one to appreciate the difficulty the job has. All language countable it is possible to extract languages as singular units. But it is hard to assess the measure required to distinguish one from the other and at the same time and doing a certain sense of unity between the 2. It is universally agreed that the presumed constitution of the message that is getting transmitted and translated is confirmed in a very retroactive manner. Meaning and language are the 2 terms that are harder to comprehend  while translating going to interpreting. If the foreign language is unambiguous making it incomprehensible then the translation is terminated. And on the other case if it is familiar then that our translation is easy. for the first line of audience the source language can be familiar while the second one is incomprehensible and vice versa . For a translator language is a very figurative form of work.

The dynamics of translation and interpretation

Certified translators offer different types of translations which are as follows

1 technical translation

2 scientific translation

3 financial translation

4 legal translation

5 edictal translation

6 certified translation

7 literary translation

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