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Why Must Companies Use Twitter?

If you don’t yet come with an account on Twitter, you have to. It’s the most growing and broadly visited networking site and it is increasingly famous because the days ‘re going by. Based on an investigation conducted by, Twitter has 135,000 fresh sign-ups everyday while greater than 9000 tweets are created each second. Presently, Twitter has greater than 554,750,000 users.

Why would you follow statistics such as these? This is because it may be of the real benefit to your company and besides Twitter is completely free!

Companies may use Twitter as an effective social networking tool for marketing. Nowadays, companies are starting to understand the significance of Twitter and it is true potential.

Companies may use it to:

• Speak with clients

• Introduce new products or services

• Advertise existing products

• Have a check up on competitors

• Do brand building

• Gain new customers

• Improve and get the business

The Advantages Of Using Twitter For Companies

Twitter is definitely an amazing platform and everybody ought to be using it. Listed here are why companies should be Twitter friendly:

No Financial Investment

It just costs time and effort with Twitter. It’s totally free and anybody can join it, allow it to be considered a business or perhaps an individual. Business proprietors mustn’t miss the opportunity to produce a Twitter account.


All networking sites are very well noted for information they offer for their users. They keep users current with all of, that is on offer on the planet. You have to Twitter. Companies will keep their customers updated about business occasions, offers and then any additional information, that the clients need, through Twitter.

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.