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History Of Language Translation and What Is Online Language Translation?

Language translation is a process in which a person or software is used to change one language into another, whether it is written or oral. Nowadays as technology has empowered everything, so the process of translation is also performed under technology by using many software. you can use any of the online software for Arabic translation (รับ แปล ภาษา อาราบิก which is the term in Thai),

or any other language translation for business and personal purposes.

History of Language Translation:

The word translation is derived from a Latin word translatio, which means carrying or bringing across. The first-ever language translation took place in the 3rd century, it was the Hebrew to Greek translation of the bible.

In the middle east, the royal emperor hired a translator to communicate the ambassadors of different countries.

In medieval history, the process of language translation became very common, because the people of West started learning the Latin language which was quite new for the rest of the world.

In modern history started in the 19th century, when people started to explore many languages, and they need to translate them for communication purposes. Now there are many companies which provide their services to translate different languages like English translation, German translation, and Vietnamese translation (รับ แปล ภาษา เวียดนาม which is the term in Thai) and the list is so long.

What Is Online Language Translation?

As all know, the modern world is the world of digitalization and everything becomes digital. So the language-translation also changes from manual translation to software translation. Many companies provide online language translation services free of cost for the convenience of common people, and some companies hire the translator who provides their services online to translate any kind of documents or personal type of content.

Online facilities of language translation is the best discovery because you can translate on the spot whatever you want without any problem and wastage of time.

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