Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Fantastic Gift Ideas For Bloggers/Influencers

The world is here over social media, wherein some are busy gaining some fame while some others are blogging. From posting a pictorial update over Instagram to marketing some local businesses over Facebook, social media platforms have been quite widely used for promotional or creating awareness or just to reach out to various people. Over a couple of years, the concept of blogging has evolved and as the opportunities are endless, some people have even chosen to make a career out of it. If you have a budding blogger/ influencer friend, whom you wish to pamper with some fantastic gifts that match up to their taste, then just sending some scrumptiously baked cakes and beautiful flowers along with efficient cakes and flowers delivery in Hyderabador some other place won’t just do. You need to go above and beyond your imagination level to figure out what such people would appreciate being gifted with. Here are a few practical gift ideas for bloggers/influencers of any gender. Take some cues and start your shopping!

  1. DSLR Camera – One can’t just start blogging without having a nice camera for fetching them some awesome clicks. Their content won’t be much appreciated unless and until they feature some relatable stunning photos or graphics, clicked by them. It is sure to attract more audiences to come and give your blogger/influencer friend’s post a read. There are many good brands of DSLR cameras available in the market – you can pick one such which fits their photography requirements and has some cool features to look forward to. Some of the top DSLR camera options would be Canon Powershot SX420, Olympus PEN E-PL8 and Nikon D3500 DSLR. Trust us, your blogger/influencer friend is sure to be left mesmerized with your gifting gesture.
  2. Quirky Tees – Not just what they say, rather what they wear should even be trending. So make sure that your blogger/influencer friend revamps his/her wardrobe and get some cool yet quirky tees. Get your friend something like a comfy tee that reads “All I Need is My Dog And Blog” or something similar like “Can’t See Haters Over My Lashes”. It is sure to make a great conversation starter for them with their target audience. There are many online as well as offline T-shirt stores from where you can get such quirky tees for your blogger/influencer friend.
  3. Coffee Mug – Often influencers/bloggers have to stretch their working hours to get things done. And so coffee or a dose of caffeine is something which can’t be just neglected. This is why gift your budding or professional blogger friend a coffee mug as a desktop accessory to make it a bit comfortable for them to work at the same place all throughout the day. You can get it personalised with a beautiful picture or their name on it. Or else you can get it customised with some funky quotes such as “Bloggers do it better” or “Please DND I’m working”. It is sure to simplify their work hours and make a huge difference.
  4. Mouse Pad And Laptop Skins – Accessorising their devices has always been every blogger/influencer’s thing. Two such pieces of device accessory would be mouse pad and laptop skins which speaks that your influencer/blogger friend is very much up to date with the latest technology and trends. There are many printing firms that offer a wide beautiful variety of A level quirky-cool mouse pads and laptop skins that you can choose to pamper your friend with. Get something suitable written or decorate it with some creative colourful designs – it is sure to be very much loved by your dear friend.

So, these were some of the fantastic gift ideas for your darling blogger/influencer friend. Let us know which one you are planning to go with.

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